The shop-in-shop outlet concept

Finest sausages now also in your business


Do you run a business in Majorca, a backshop, a café or any other business where your customers enjoy fresh sausage?

Then we have the solution for you!

The innovative ABELS shop-in-shop concept.

We provide you a professional and design-appealing refrigerated display cabinet, which is filled with fresh ABELS sausage products.

Best quality, versatile selection - expand your range of goods and earn on the sales of the ABELS sausage!

Become part of the traditional brand in Mallorca, you will be shop-in-shop partner.

And that's how easy it is:


Send us an email with your contact information, information about your business, your location in Mallorca and a few photos - we will contact you immediately and talk about the joint business.

If all requirements are met, your ABELS shop-in-shop display stands in your shop in the shortest possible time.

How to reach the direct contact:

Mr. Dirk Abel
Phone +34 666 476 000

We are looking forward to your contact.

Our shop-in-shop product range

Product Packing unit
Bierknacker 4 Stück á 100g
Bierschinken 300g
Bockwurst 3 Stück á 125g
Feine Leberwurst GOLD Darm 300g
Feine Leberwurst Pfeffer Glas 1 Glas
Fleischkäse 1 Stück ca. 500g
Fleischwurst Ring halber Ring ca. 350g
Frikadellen gebraten 1 Stück á 120g
Hackbraten 300g
Hausmacher Blutwurst Glas 1 Glas
Hausmacher Blutwurst Ring halber Ring ca. 350g
Hausmacher Leberwurst Glas 1 Glas
Hausmacher Leberwurst Ring halber Ring ca. 350g
Jagdwurst 300g
Käse Krainer geräuchert 3 Stück á 140g
Kräuter Salami Scheiben 100g
Kräuterschinken 150g
Land Salami Scheiben 100g
Mettenden 4 Stück á 100g
Mettwurst Ring halber Ring ca. 350g
Paprika Schinkenwurst 300g
Pfeffer Leberwurst halbe Wurst ca. 250g
Pfeffer Schinkenwurst 1 Stück ca. 500g
Pizza-Fleischkäse 1 Stück ca. 500g
Pizza-Fleischkäse Scheiben
Schinkenwurst 300g
Schwarzwälder Schinken 1 Stück
Schwarzwälder Schinken Scheiben 150g
Teewurst 125g
Thüringer Bratwurst 3 Stück á 125g
Zwiebelmett 250g

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