The German quality butcher's shop on Mallorca

Best quality

Only the best meat from controlled breeding and slaughterhouses, as well as the highest quality natural spices and traditional recipes ensure a truly special homemade and tasty sausage.

Own production

We produce everything ourselves. Our butcher is one of the largest family-run meat shops in Mallorca and has a history of almost fifty years. We welcome you to try out our best sausage and meat snacks.


Our finest sausage products can also be used as a supplementary product in e.g. bakery shops or gourmet shops. For this we have a ready-made solution - become a sales partner now.

... your butchery for finest sausage products

Already 7 times on Mallorca ... and soon in your neighborhood too!



The shop-in-shop concept

The German quality butchery is growing and expanding.

Be part of the success story of the traditional company ... and open an ABELS shop-in-shop outlet with always fresh sausage - in your shop.

Extend your range and delight your customers!

You will find all necessary information of the concept on the following pages.